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Summer Shakespeare

Richard III

William Shakespeare

Richard Duke of Gloucester, born with a deformity he considers "not made to court the amorous looking glass", seduces and murders his way from courtier to King. With each sadistic move, Richard becomes the monster inside to match his grotesque physical form as he pursues the one thing he truly loves...becoming King RICHARD III.

Cast & Crew

Directed by Philip Emeott

Kenneth Cavett*
Nathan C. Crocker*
Michael Lawrence Eisenstein*
Philip Emeott
Breanna Foister
David Godbey*
Susan Kirby*
Sharina Martin*
Haddon McKinney
Robert Meksin*
Uriel Menson*
Matthew Mezzacappa*
Linda S. Nelson*
David O'Hara*
Ralph Petrarca*
Michael Russinik*
Ron Sanborn*
Peter Quentin Smith*
Thia Stephan*
James T. Ware

Directorial Support: Sara Thigpen
Associate Director: Sarah Norris
Stage Managers: Marly Leighton and Jamie Luther
Stage Management Intern: Veronica Lee
Costume Design: Samantha Newby
Music Direction: Creighton Irons
Fight Director: Michael Lawrence Eisenstein
Props Design: Sara Slagle
Directing Intern: Christina Ashby
Artwork: Stefano Imbert


June 22nd and 23rd
June 29th and 30th
July 6th and 7th
July 13th and 14th
All performances 2pm

Ticket Info

Central Park @ Boomerang Rock
69th Street and Central Park West

Enter at 69th street--follow the signs along the bridal path and we'll be right in front of you

FREE...No tickets required!
Bring a blanket, a picnic, a friend, or nothing at all!

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