The Comedy of Errors
by William Shakespeare

Directed by Philip Emeott
   Steven Beckingham*
   Emily King Brown*
   Catherine Dowling*
   Jon Dykstra*
   Stuart Green
   John Greenleaf*
   Sarah Hankins*
   Walter Hoffman
   Uriel Menson*
   Michael Mraz
   Michael Alan Read
   Christian Toth
   Lillian Wright*
Stage Manager: Jack Lynch
Assistant Director: Marielle Duke
Costume Designer: Carolyn Pallister
Fight Director: Carrie Brewer
*member, AEA

The Comedy of Errors will be performed in New York City's Central Park:

June 20th and 21st
June 27th and 28th
July 11th and 12th
July 18th and 19th
All performances at 2pm

All performances FREE!

   enter at 69th Street & CPW

Special performance!
July 25th at 4pm
Fort Totten Park gazebo
Bayside, Queens

Illustration by Stefano Imbert  

Two sets of estranged twins come face to face to face to face in the bustling port of Ephesus, Greece. Wives mistake their brothers-in-law for their husbands, masters confuse their servants, and kitchen wenches go wild in a whirlwind of switcheroos and witty wordplay - with a bit of love thrown in.


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