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The most important thing about this upcoming season is that everyone is, and remains, safe and healthy.


Here are Boomerang, we cannot wait to welcome you back to our theatre spaces (indoor, outdoor and virtual).


It's going to be a process for all of us, as we remember how to be together. The journey awaits, and we're so glad to be on it with you.

Got questions about coming back together? Concerns about the season? Just wanna chat? You can always reach out here. 



Up Next!

A reading of

By Terence Patrick Hughes
Directed by Christina Rose Ashby

September 30th, 2021 @ 7:30pm

The Chain Theatre (312 W 36th Street)

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A year ago, acclaimed American novelist, John Irwin, and his wife suffered a terrible car crash near their mountain-top home in Woodstock, NY. He survived, she did not. After months of mourning, insurance litigation, and tabloid harassment, Helen’s ghost has returned to constantly haunt John and keep him from writing, sleeping, and staying sober. 


A comic romp of a ghost story wrapped around a drama about love, death, and family.


Since June of 2020, Boomerang has been recording video conversations with artists as they deal with the pandemic and social changes happening in our world.

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