First Flight Returns!

 The FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival is one of Indie Theatre's premiere development events for new plays. We're excited that FF will return in November 2022.


Since 2000, FIRST FLIGHT has been a creative development home for some of Indie Theatre's leading playwrights, including Crystal Skillman, Rich Orloff, Johnna Adams, Adam Kraar, Isaac Rathbone, Lauren Ferebee and more.

FIRST FLIGHT serves as a springboard to assist new plays in their creative development. The full lineup of First Flight 2022 will be announced later this year.


For a history of plays in the festival, click here.

More New Plays in progress!

 A MURDER OF CROWS by Dan Marshall will return to Boomerang in Fall 2022 for an extended workshop and an encore reading. The project will be directed by Scott Ebersold. 


Who killed Reginald Crows, the dashing renaissance man of early 20th century theater who died in the bombing of London in 1940? Eighty years after his death, a banker's box of Crows ephemera lands on the desk of Kat Davidson, a queer studies graduate student in Berkley. The contents of that box compel Kat to scour the dusty corners of the internet where she finds herself squarely in the crosshairs of a rabid Crows preservationist. Fact bleeds into fiction in this off-beat, queer detective story.


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Since June of 2020, Boomerang has been recording video conversations with artists as they deal with the pandemic and social changes happening in our world.

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