The Nine Play Super Season

In July 2023, Boomerang announced the next nine projects to be produced, in what is being call the "Super Season". This schedule of work will span 2023-2026, and include a three year Shakespeare cycle and five world premier plays.


Next up will be Shakespeare's ROMEO & JULIET (first of our Shakespeare cycle) beginning June 22nd, 2024 in Central Park. Christina Rose Ashby directs this outdoor production.


We'll follow this with the world premiere of Gina Femia's MERCUTIO LOVES ROMEO LOVES JULIET LOVES in November 2024, directed by Scott Ebersold.


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The baton project

The 5th presentation of The Baton Project returns in March 2024.


The Baton Project is a reading series where artists select one another for participation. In this way, we eliminate some of the gate keeping and internal biases that can form, and allow peers to honor each other.


The goal is for artistic creators to work collegially by helping promote each other's work. We know that every creator has a colleague about whom they think, “wow, how does the world not know about them?” This would be an opportunity to celebrate the work of those colleagues.


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