A New Play by Gina Femia!

Gina Femia's new play MERCUTIO LOVES ROMEO LOVES JULIET LOVES will receive a developmental workshop April 8th - 14th, 2023, culminating in a invited presentation. Scott Ebersold will direct the workshop.


About Gina's Play:
Ellie and Britt have been life-long friends, life-long haters of cheerleaders and life-long drama geeks. When their All Girls Catholic School's drama club does "Romeo and Juliet", obviously they'll be a part of it. But when Amber, a cheerleader with an injury, unexpectedly gets the lead across from Britt, Ellie's heart is turned upside down. Actually, all their hearts are.


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A New Play by Amy Crossman!

Amy Crossman's new one-person play THE GREAT DIVIDE will receive a developmental workshop May 8th-13th 2023, in advance of the extended run in Fall 2023. The workshop will conclude in an invited presentation. Stephanie Machado will direct both the workshop and the production.


About Amy's Play:

Amy is fine. No really, she is fine! She's super-duper fine, great actually and Eli is great, too, and no one has a drinking problem, and his repeated panic attacks are just, no, they're..it's fine, everything's fine!! Right? Right! 


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Our 2023 Season


25 years. A theatre company so old, it can rent a car :)


Through five U.S. Presidents, 9/11, the NYC blackout, economic collapse and now a global pandemic.


64 productions, over 100 readings and workshops of new plays. 20 free Shakespeare productions, 14 world premieres.


30 productions directed by female directors.


34,000+ audience members.


Ten New York Innovative Theatre Award Nomination, and three wins. One OOBR Award for Outstanding production. And the Caffe Cino Fellowship for Outstanding Contribution to Off-Off Broadway.


We've got a lot to celebrate in 2023.


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