The Baton Project History

Born from the convergence of the global pandemic, the "We See You White American Theatre" movement, and the ongoing fight against systemic exclusion, the Baton Project launched in Fall 2020. It aims to be a beacon of inclusion, celebrating everyone and inspiring others to follow its lead.


by Ying Ying Li

Directed by Kat Yen
Stage Managed by Marci Skolnick
Choreography by Michael Raine

Featuring Kat Choe, Deidre Edwards, Alice Kremelberg, Karen Tsen Lee, Jessica Greer Morris and Viet Vo


Heady times are here for the Slotted Spoons, a dance troupe of four middle-aged moms. The mayor’s retirement celebration will be the biggest show of their lives, but the moms need a new choreographer, and they need one fast! When their fearless leader secures the services of an unconventional young woman, the Spoons are whipped up into some kind of a… a… well, it’s not a dance, exactly?


Ying Ying Li was selected by Playwright Don Nguyen.

before after or whatever

by Carl Holder

Directed by Johnny G. Lloyd

Stage Managed by Marci Skolnick


Featuring Renata Friedman, LaToya Lewis, Jarvis D. Matthews, Cristina Pitter, Jon Norman Schneider and Danielle Skraastad


The frequent shootings and head explosions of ordinary life now lead many people to take matters into their own hands, and today Ahed finally gets obliterated into nothing. If the wait ever ends...Sign in, hand over your belongings, and you too can let go of everything you ever thought mattered. 


Carl Holder was selected by participant #1 Ying Ying Li.


by Michael Allen Harris

Directed by Tramaine Gray


Featuring Terence Archie, Jamyl Dobson, Trisha Jeffrey, Terrance L. Johnson, Jeffery V. Thompson


An elder gentleman stuck in the past crosses paths with a young lost soul with unfortunate present circumstances. Together, they guide one another into a hopeful future.

DOUBLE HELIX by Michael Allen Harris is the third endeavor of The Baton Project.


Michael was selected by participant #2 Carl Holder.


Let Me Let Me Rot

by Kanishk Pandey

Directed by Olivia Songer

Featuring Mazvita Chanakira, Melissa Fleming, Quinn Jackson, Alexandra Taylor and Sorosh Arif Wein

When Mangal's suicide attempt fails, he suddenly finds himself in an awkward predicament: face to face with a recent "meet" from a dating app, Death herself. Together, they investigate why he tried, and whether their relationship can survive.


Kanishk Pandey was selected by participant #3 Michael Allen Harris.