#ThreeForFree Fund

Boomerang Theatre is thrilled to announce the #ThreeForFree Fund, supporting our three-year cycle of free outdoor Shakespeare productions! We'll kick things off with Romeo and Juliet in 2024, followed by Richard II in 2025 and The Taming of the Shrew in 2026.

While we're grateful for arts funding from New York City and State, we need your help to make this ambitious project a reality. The total budget for all three productions is $160,000. Through the #ThreeForFree Fund, we aim to raise 30% of that over three years ($48,000).

For 2024, our goal is an achievable $10,000, thanks to a generous donor who will match every dollar donated, up to $5,000.

Message the Artistic Director

In February 2020, I made a folder on my desktop - “Henry V (June 2020)”

It would be Boomerang Theatre Company's 20th free outdoor Shakespeare production, coming on the heels of our award-winning production of Twelfth Night just two summers earlier. All the questions began…

Who would direct? 
How big would the cast be?

Who would play Prince Hal?

This is the most exciting time for a production,
in my opinion…no mistakes have been made, nothing is over budget, and you can do anything! 

Except, as it turns out, put on a show. Because, as we all now know, in March of 2020, the whole world stopped. Theatre, indoor and outdoor, stopped.

That production of Henry V never happened.


What These Funds Provide

Twelfth Night (2018)
Twelfth Night (2018)

Did you know that over half (56%) of our free Shakespeare productions' budget goes directly to artists' fees? When you donate to the #ThreeForFree Fund, you're doing more than just providing free theatre. You're directly supporting:


  • Working Artists: You help ensure New York's artistic community thrives, defying the misconception that artists can't survive here.
  • Production Costs: Your contribution goes beyond salaries, funding essentials like insurance, rehearsal space and supplies to keep our artists safe and creative.

Why Get Involved Now

Richard III (2013)
Richard III (2013)

The arts often face funding challenges, but their value is undeniable. We all crave the beauty and inspiration they offer. Through our 20 free Shakespeare productions, thousands have experienced the power of his words and the magic of his genius.


This impactful project thrives on your support. To continue enriching generations of New Yorkers, we need your help now. Let's fully embrace the arts and invest in their lasting presence in our community.