Music and Lyrics by Henry Aronson
Libretto by Cailin Heffernan

Direction by Cailin Heffernan+

A new American country musical inspired by Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost


Loveless Texas tells the story of two brothers in 1920 Texas...the elder is King Navarre, responsible oil man and cattle rancher, and the younger is Berowne Navarre, playboy and rascal. With the onset of the Great Depression, King enlists Berowne and his college buddies Duke and Bubba to a contract of three years employment...with the condition of no romance, no drinking, no carousing, no gambling. When four intelligent and beautiful women arrive and demand an audience, all contracts are open for re-negotiation.

Loveless Texas is a traditional book musical, with a country score in a variety of traditional Americana styles, encompassing Texas swing, bluegrass, blues, Cajun waltz and two-step, and cowboy yodels. It is a fun, joyous, affirmative celebration of the power of love!



Colin Barkell*
Brett Benowitz
CJ Eldred*
John Herrera*
Kimberly JaJuan*
Trisha Jeffrey*
Joe Joseph*
Chase Kamata*
Amanda Lea LaVergne*
Annette Navarro
Darren Ritchie*
Bligh Voth*

*appearing courtesy of AEA
+Member SDC

Cast & Crew

Stage Manager: Marci Skolnick*
Assistant Stage Manager: Timothy Babcock*
Lighting Design: Michael O'Connor
Set Design: Evan Hill
Sound Design: Ian Wehrle

Costume Design: Cheryl McCarron  

Assistant Costume Design: Samantha Newby
Projection Design: David Palmer

Props Design: Deb Gaouette

Technical Direction: Nathan Luttrell
Fight Direction/Movement: Dan Renkin                 
Vocal Coach: Theresa McElwee 
Press Agent: Katie Rosin/Kampfire PR
Illustration: Stefano Imbert 
Production Intern: Maggie Cunningham
Producing/Marketing Intern: Lauren Frazier
Producing/Management Intern: Charlotte Hopkins
Costume Design Intern: Ivy Swinski 
Stage Management Intern: Rebecca Meyers 

Produced by Tim Errickson, Danielle Demisay, Kate Holland and Yoni Vendriger


September 6th - 24th, 2017

Tuesday - Friday at 8pm
Saturday at 2:30pm and 8pm
Sunday at 2:30pm and 7pm



September 6th - 10th

Tickets $30


September 12th - 24th
Tickets $40

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The Sheen Center
18 Bleecker Street