by William Shakespeare
Directed by Sara Thigpen
June 16th-July 15th, 2018

The 20th Anniversary Production of Free Outdoor Shakespeare in New York's Central Park!


New York Innovative Theatre Award Recipient--Sara Thigpen for Outstanding Director

New York Innovative Theatre Award Nominee--Vinnie Penna for Outstanding Lead Actor


It begins at night, with a shipwreck. All are lost, save one...a valiant woman washed ashore in a strange country. In an instant, Viola becomes the person she needs to disguise.

She serves the Duke, and discovers a passion in her heart as strange as the country she now inhabits. But Duke Orsino loves another. And so Viola becomes the Duke's messenger, delivering his love to Olivia. Can she do it? Should she? And what becomes of all of them when Viola sheds her disguise and reveals her true self ?

To settle all, Viola may have to outdrink Sir Toby and Sir Andrew, outwit Feste, and outmaneuver Malvolio if she has any hope of setting true love right!

Shakespeare's celebratory comedy is presented with Free Admission on the lawn in Central Park June 16th-July 15th. Performances on Saturday and Sundays at 2pm.

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